Rural Planning Journal Vol 17 No 2 December 2015

Access to Joint Forest Management Resources: Challenges and Opportunities to Local Communities. A case of Udzungwa Forest Reserve1

Helene S. Francis*, Gerald S. Temu and Emmanuel Hauli

Women participation in Microcredit Services and its Effect on Business Improvement, Household Welfare and Women Empowerment in Babati, Tanzania

James Lwelamira*, Amina Mwanjaand John Safari

Agro-pastoralists’ Perception on Climate Change in Mvomero District:Agendered Perspective

Regina Mollel1, John Jeckoniah 2*  and Henry Mahoo 3

Exit Strategies in Improving Household Food Security in Tanzania :A Case of Agricultural and Food Security Project in Bahi District

Jeremiah V. Mkomagi*, Martha Nhemboand Immaculate O. Gillo


The Contribution of Wastewater farming activities to the household wellbeing in Dodoma Municipality, Tanzania

Sarah  Mamboya*, Adalberatus  Kamanzi  and Immaculate O. Gillo

Determinants for Application of Organic Manure in Maize Production in Kalambo District, Tanzania

Titus O. Mwageni*,Martha J. Nhembo and Mwabless Malila

The Performance of Reproductive Health Education among Female Adolescents: A Case of Chamwino District, Dodoma Region

Sylvester Nyakoki,  Raphael J. Ndaro and  Eliud P. Chiwanga*

The Performance of Community Health Fund in Tanzania: A case of Chato and Buseresere wards in Chato District

Raphael J.Ndaro1*, Maseke R. Mgabo1, Sylvester Nyankoki2

Concealed Potential of Unconventional Crops: Smallholder Farmers’ Involvement in Rosella (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) Production in Nala Ward, Dodoma Municipality

Emmanuel Ayo1*, Emmanuel Hauli2 and Lilian Kihupi3

Sunflower Value Chain: Engendered Perspective

Emmanuel H. Mroto  and, John N. Jeckoniah*

Technical Efficiency in Grape Farming among Smallholder Farmers in Dodoma Urban District, Central Tanzania

James Lwelamira*, Patrick Wambura, John Safari

Climate Change and Variability: Local Farmers Perception in Rombo District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Luzabeth J. Kitali1* and Innocent N. Messo2

Primary School Types, Gender and Examination Performance in Maswa District

1Mwabless N. Malila*, 2Erick N. Lugayila and 1Titus Mwageni

School Based Factors Influencing Pupils’ Examination Performance inMaswa District

Mwabless N.Malila*, 2Erick N.Lugayila and 1Martha J. Nhembo

Youth Involvement in Economic Activities and Reduction of Social Vulnerability: Case of Bukoba Municipality and Muleba District

Domitilla R. Bashemera*, Grace R. Benedict and Martha J. Nhembo  183

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