Effects of Anthropogenic Activities on Catchment Forest in Njombe in District: A Case of Nundu Catchment Forest

Author: Ahmad Ally Maguo, 2017

The Impact of Village Savings Loans Associations (VSLA) on Household Income and Wellbeing: A case of Vuigiri Ward in Korogwe District

Author: Abraham Justus Mushashu, 2017

The Implementation of the Tanzania Strategic Cities Projects (TSCP): A Performance Analysis of Dodoma Municipality Solid Waste Management

Author: AkengaramiYonaUrassa, 2017

Social-economic factors influencing loan repayment challenges in micro financial institutions in Tanzania: A case of Majengo Sokoni SACCOS in Dodoma Municipality

Author: AmranIssaBhuzohera, 2017

Assessment of Public Private Dialogues in Creating Conducive Business Environments for Investment: A Case of District Business Council in Kongwa

Author: Atupakisye Jacob Mtafya, 2017

Capacity of Town Councils in Developing GIS Unit for Solid Waste Management: A Case of Bariadi Town Council

Author: DutuLubinzaKafula, 2017

Assessment of the Performance of Firms in the Special Economic Zones of Tanzania

Author: Eveline Ondi, 2017

Determinants of Students Loan Repayment in Tanzania: A Case of Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB)

Author: FelistaMayunga, 2017

Students’ Perception, Knowledge and Practices towards Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: a comparative study of public and private secondary schools in Dodoma Municipality

Author: Francis Mathias Amour, 2017

Assessing the Contribution of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Improving Household Food Security: A Case of Chololo Eco-Village

Author: Gerald LudovickMlyomi, 2017

Community Implementation of Soil Conservation Technologies in Maswa District

Author: Issa Elias Singu, 2017

Community Involvement in Resident Hunting in South West Rungwa Game Reserve

Author: Jovine K. Nachihangu, 2017

Factors Determining the Formalization of Informal Businesses in Tanzania: A case of market and street vending businesses in Temeke Municipality

Author: Joyce Steven, 2017

The Contribution of the Warehouse Receipt System to the Production and Income of Cashewnut Farmers: A case of Nachingwea District

Author: Kassim Said Akalama, 2017

Community Participation in Wildlife Conservation: A case of Rungwa Game Reserve

Author: KiletiVitalisTarimo, 2017

Assessment of Factors Influencing Demand for Domestic Tourism among Local Community in Zanzibar: A case of Mkoa Mjini Magaribi

Author: MakameSalum Ali, 2017

Effects of Involuntary Resettlements to the Makutupora Basin Water Conservation and Livelihood of the Resettled Community

Author: Maria ZabronHollela, 2017

Assessment of Livelihoods Sustainability Among Beneficiaries of Social Protection Service: A Case TASAF III Cash Transfer Program in Chamwino District, Dodoma

Author: Mariam YothamuMwalyepo, 2017

Domestic Solid Waste Management in Informal Settlements in Moshi Municipality: A case of Njoro Ward

Author: Mary Kauki, 2017

Effects of Coal Mining on the Environment and Community Livelihoods in Mdundualo, Luanda and Amani-Makolo Villages inMbinga District

Author: Martin Komba, 2017

A Comparative Study on Menstrual Hygiene Management among Adolescent Girls: A Case of Urban and Rural Secondary Schools in Dodoma Region

Author: Maximina Sylvester Goa, 2017

Factors Influencing Tobacco Production among Smallholder Farmers: A case of Urambo District

Author: Musa Shilangale, 2017

Effectiveness of Community-led Total Sanitation Approach in Promoting Household Sanitation and Hygiene in Nanga Village, Igunga District

Author: MwanzoLulambo, 2017

The Contribution of Motorcycle Hiring on Income Poverty Reduction: A case of Motorcycle Operators in Malunga Ward in Kahama Town Council

Author: Onesmo F. Mababu, 2017

Local Peoples’ Perception on the Effect of Artisanal Mining on the Environment: A Case of Amani Nature Reserve and Surrounding Villages in Tanga Region

Author: SaleheSekisasaKamnge, 2017

Role of Decentralization by Devolution on Improving Access to Agricultural Extension Services in Dodoma Municipal Council

Author: Samwel J. Mdachi, 2017

Factors Influencing Tomato Production among Smallholder Farmers in Lushoto District: A case of Lukozi Ward

Author: Stanley Stephen Mdoe, 2017

Assessment of Forest Governance at Mwamila Village Land Forest Reserve, Uvinza District Council, Tanzania 

Author: Vaileth Raymond Mrope, 2017 

Rural Non-Farm Livelihood Diversification and its Implication on Income Poverty Reduction among Farmers in Iringa District Council 

Author: WapaFilemonMpwehwe, 2017 

Factors Influencing Savings Behavior and Capital Formation among Rural Households in Kalambo District: A case of Lyowa and Mkowe Wards

Author: Modest P. Yaqamba, 2017 

Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in Semi-Arid Areas of Manchali Ward, Chamwino District

Author: Jackline Jacob Ringo, 2018 

The Effects of Taxation on Profitability of Micro and Small Business Enterprises in Zanzibar: A case of clothing retail shops in Chake-Chake Town

Author: Adam Kombo Nassor, 2018 

The Impact of Agricultural Service Support Program (ASSP) on Household Income of Smallholder Farmers in Zanzibar: A case of Central District

Author: Akama H. Ally, 2018 

Customers’ Perspective on Issuance of Electronic Fiscal Receipts in Dodoma City 

Author: Amon Frank Nkembo, 2018 

Psychological Factors Influencing the Performance of Women Owned SMEs in Dodoma City: A case of Kikuyu and Majengo Wards

Author: Asha Ntumami, 2018 

Effects of Demutualization on Stock Market Returns: A case of Dar es Salaam stock exchange market in Tanzania 

Author: Boniface SilvanMushi, 2018 

Factors Affecting Smallholder Grapevine Production in Makang’wa Ward, Chamwino District 

Author: Charles CadimonDaudi, 2018 

The Role of Remittances in Improving Agricultural Production: A case of Chamwino District in Dodoma Region 

Author: Eva E. Masele, 2018 

Factors Influencing the Development of Small Scale Sunflower Oil Processing Industries in Dodoma City Council 

Author: WemaNasoroMachengo, 2018

Collaboration of Sunflower oil producers in Tanzania: A case of Dodoma City sunflower agro-processors

Author: Gerald GeophrayMnyone, 2018 

The Contribution of Horticultural Businesses toWomen Entrepreneurs’ Income and Welfare of in Dodoma City

Author: Gerald P. Mnunduma, 2018 

Sustainability of Community-Based Primary School Meal Initiatives in Mpwapwa District 

Author: Hamza Ally, 2018 

The Role Street Hawking on Poverty Reduction: A case of Majengo and MjiMpya Wards in Dodoma City 

Author: John Chaka Mwendamaka, 2018 

The Effects of External Debt on Tanzania’s Economic Performance 

Author: LenathaMwangesi, 2018 

Technical Efficiency Analysis of Small Scale Rice Production in Bahi District: A case of Bahi Irrigation Scheme

Author: Maria Jerry Kabigi, 2018 

Determinants of Adoption of Improved Cassava Variety among Farmers in Kisarawe District: A case of Maneromango and Marumbo Wards

Author: Moses P.J. Mbillo, 2018 

 Factors Hindering Women Loan Repayment in Korogwe District, Tanzania: A case of BRAC and Fanikiwa Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) 

Author: Juliana Justus Mtolera, 2018 

The Contribution of Grape Industry on Local Economy: A case of Selected Wards in Dodoma City

Author: Moses G. Mwaikambo, 2018 

 Contribution of Seaweed Farming to Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers in Unguja, Zanzibar 

Author: Nachia Hamad Suleiman, 2018 

Factors Influencing Employment of Foreign Workers in Tourist Hotels in Arusha City, Tanzania 

Author: Sonie Akiko Mtasiwa, 2018 

Performance of Privatized Tobacco Processing Factories in Tanzania: A case of selected factories in Morogoro Region 

Author: StanslausMbwiliza, 2018 

Effects of Transaction Costs on Business Operations of Small Enterprises in Dodoma City 

Author: Tabitha RevockatusKiheka, 2018 

Small Scale Entrepreneurs’ Willingness to Pay Tax in Njombe Town Council 

Author: YasintaMwenda, 2018 

Assessment of Community Participation in Forest Resource Management in Nankala-Nantare Forest, Ukerewe District 

Author: LulengaTilweba, 2018 

Coverage and Utilization of Improved Latrine in Rural Areas of Mpwapwa District

Author: HezronDidasMayeji, 2018 

Adoption of Improved Cooking Stoves in Rungwe District: A case of Katumba Ward

Author: Joseph Simkoko, 2018 

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